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Flying Cloud Reconstruction Spring 2018

Hennepin County Press Release: Work is one step closer to beginning on the reconstruction of Flying Cloud Drive (County Road 61) in Eden Prairie and Chanhassen. Hennepin County is currently reviewing construction bids. Once a bidder is selected and approved, the county and firm will work to define the plans and timelines for work.



About the project:


As it currently stands, the county expects construction will be ready to begin this spring. Due to the extensive amount of work that must be completed, this project is expected to take approximately two years to complete. Look for more information, including email updates like this, as the county gets closer to starting construction work on the project. 

Hennepin County, in coordination with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), Carver County, and the cities of Eden Prairie and Chanhassen, is reconstructing Flying Cloud Drive (County Road 61) between Highway 101 and Charlson Road.

Previously known as Highway 212, this segment of roadway was given to Hennepin County by MnDOT. With funds from the state, as well as other sources, the county will build a new roadway with an improved driving surface and better safety for all users.

In addition, the new road will be raised above the one-hundred-year flood plain to help minimize the potential for road closures during Minnesota River flood events. The project will also add a multi-use trail along the north side of the road that will fill the gap in the trail network from Shakopee to Eden Prairie..