• Spring Seafood: Grilled Tuna

    Spring Menu Ideas: Grilled Fresh Tuna 

  • Excelsior Farmers Market Water Street

    Excelsior Farmers Market, Water Street

  • Four Bean Chili with Salsa, Queso Fresco & Cheddar

    Four Bean Chili with Salsa, Queso Fresco & Cheddar

  • Grilled Spring Finger Food

    Grilled Spring Finger Food: Asparagus & Carrots with an Herb Dip, Crunch Veggie Baked Topping

  • Excelsior Farmers Market Street Muscians

    Excelsior Farmers Market Street Musicians, Water Street

  • Memorial Day May 27th 2013

    July 4th 2014 Independence Day- Blueberry Star Pies

Minnesota Grown...


Morgan Creek Vineyard and Winery

Morgan Creek Vineyard and Winery, the first farm winery in New Ulm, Brown County in Southern Minnesota, was established in 1993 by George and Paula Marti. The winery follows a family heritage of immigrant entrepreneurs who were co-founders of New Ulm, Minnesota and business partners in the construction and operation of the Schell Brewing Company founded in 1860. Visit for wine tasting, craft beer and wood fired cuisine.


Find your Local Farmer here

Locally Grown Farms dot the Twin Cities area. MN Grown has an interactive map with the latest close to home growers, more than ever before. Locally grown food is less expensive, seasonal, right out of the ground and garden fresh. No road trips, no shelf-life, customers are literally eating products that were just harvested. Check out the growers near you.


Potato Harvest: MN Farm Fresh Food

Prairie fare: the spud is referred to "as the apple of the earth" by the French, "pomme de terre." Spainards carried them in the holds of their ships, the perfect food to store in the darkness of a ship's innards. Marshall's Farm Fresh Foods, on Pioneer and Eden Prairie Road, displays a variety of spuds, from bakers to reds, in season. Still a mainstay, the popular potato is now taking over the state's northern forests.