• Faux Fur Banks
  • Baked Apples with nuts and dates

    Baked Apples Stuffed with Dates & Roasted Salted Almonds Served with Ice Cream

  • Maple Basswood Forest

    Maple Basswood Forest at the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area, Eden Prairie

  • Good Food Movement
  • Winter Keeping True Roots
  • Mushroom Leek Soup

    Winter Soups: Mushroom Leek Soup

  • Pumpkins Hap Halloween

    Happy Halloween: Sailer's Greenhouse, Shakopee, MN 

  • Yellow Beans and Squash

    Roasted Yellow Beans & Hubbard Squash with Cinnamon & Cilantro Corn

  • Marshall’s Farm Fresh Food Green Beans

    Local Minnesota Grown Green Beans 

    Where to find them


  • Halloween 2014

    Happy Halloween from Sailer's in Shakopee

  • Pea Soup with Cayenne
  • Cranberry Apple Phyllo Pizza

    Breakfast Pizza: Cranberry Apple Phyllo Pizza with Parmesan Shavings

  • Pop's Pea Soup

    Pea Soup: Winter 2017

  • Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

    Chicken Matzo Ball Soup



Minnesota Food...


 True to your Roots

Not every root vegetable is called a true root, but the Carrot, Beet, Rutabaga,Turnip, Parsnip are for two reasons. One, they grow underground. Two, they actually do what their name implies and channel sustenance and water from the earth to the plant. Root vegetables are packed with essential nutrients, and are easily stored for long periods of time. The root cellar, or less known "spring house" were precursors to the refrigerator, keeping winter/summer vegetables fresh underground or inside the cool bubbling water of a house built over a spring, before electricity and Freon coolants.  



Remarkable Women...


MN Rep Debra Hilstrom

Minnesota Representative Debra Hilstrom, DFL, District 40B, is running for Secretary of State in 2014. She chairs the Judicial, Finance and Policy Committee and is a member of the Ways and Means Committee, the Public Safety, Policy and Finance Committee, the Commerce and Consumer Protection Finance and Policy Committee, the Rules and Legislation Administration Committee and the Civil Law Committee in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Debra has passed legislation to protect consumers and as an Anoka County prosecuter she has held criminals accountable for taking advantage of the elderly. She is a seven term representative who has been an advocate for children and women.



Minnesota Communities...


Greenline Extension Vanguard Project

Washington dubs METRO Green Line Extension (Southwest LRT Project) a vanguard project and intends to pay for half of the project's construction costs. In early February the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) reevaluated the Southwest LRT Project giving it a medium high rating compared to an earlier medium rating in 2011. LRT project ratings are used to prioritize funding. Also in early February of this year, President Obama included $150 million for the project in his fiscal year 2016 budget which would be a first installment of the anticipated federal share of $827 million for the $1.65 billion project.



Home and Garden...



Places to Go...


The Vieux Carre: The French Quarter

Reading about it, seeing it on YouTube or on television doesn’t give the French Quarter its due. You have to be there and walk it, because it is the largest, most walkable and best-preserved district of 19th century architecture in an American city. And walkability is what the country is trying to get back to. After visiting this summer the French Quarter warrants high ratings for walkability, friendliness, superb customer service, great food and an amazing vibe. Remarkable for its architiectual preservation, The French Quarter is a mix of Creole, French, Spanish, Entresol Houses and American style townhouses. 



Minnesota Happenings...


Are we so different?

The Science Museum of Minnesota's presentation on Race, "Are we so different," comes at a time when our understanding of our differences still remains an ongoing discussion. Though these differences are real in the sense that there are cultural, social and scientific reasons that substantiate them, they remain as a cause to opress and discriminate. There are tools for educators and related academic experiences for visitors to the museum.



Things to Do...


Bakken Museum

Bakken Museum: "Grounded in the past, Wired for the Future.." at the Bakken there are things to do for every kid, from building robots, creating art-work that utilizes a form of green energy, to the "Passport to Invention Program," field trips and science work-shops. Find out about the Bakken's "Gadgetorium" and the "Meet the Makers Program."




Minnesota Grown...


Morgan Creek Vineyard and Winery

Morgan Creek Vineyard and Winery, the first farm winery in New Ulm, Brown County in Southern Minnesota, was established in 1993 by George and Paula Marti. The winery follows a family heritage of immigrant entrepreneurs who were co-founders of New Ulm, Minnesota and business partners in the construction and operation of the Schell Brewing Company founded in 1860. Visit for wine tasting, craft beer and wood fired cuisine.




Breaking: SWLRT: FTA Approval 

NEWS UPDATE 12-24-16- Federal Transit Administration propels Southwest LRT Project forward with approval to enter engineering phase. Authorization illustrates federal confidence in project ahead of approval of federal funding. What this means is the project's staff can finalize designs in preparation for construction in 2017. The $121M needed from the state to go ahead with the project has been held up. Republican Kurt Daudt said in 2015  "Republicans won't pony up for that purpose."



 National Parks in Winter



Through ice and snow the first national park gives the public its rarest view of winter's natural phenomena. 





Boeing's Approach to Mars



Boeing's phased approach to the journey to Mars



The Snow Leopard



The Silent Roar of the Snow Leopard